Life After Leaving My Corporate Job - One month update.

As I start typing up this blog post at 1:07 AM- only because my fiancé and I decided to switch cars. As I'm about to fall asleep and just got the pups ready for bed... Home boy decided to leave his blazer in our other car, making me drive from Kendall to Downtown. -I know what you're thinking, "you truly do love him" IoI do but mainly because I don't want him to get into trouble. lol! So I thought to myself, why not give you guys an update on my life after a month of leaving UM. 


Q: Take us on your average day? What changes did you make?!

The first step I took was that we officially changed the showroom hours, Tuesdays- Fridays we are open from, 11-5 and Saturdays are for appointment only. Reason being Saturday's are now by appointment. I was finding myself having to leave for drop offs for weddings that my dad or Chris couldn't do. Or a lot of times, when we would arrive on site. Planners would want to meet with me or brides too. While Sundays-Mondays we are closed to recover from events. Although Mondays are when I send recap emails to my brides that I have for the week.

So let's pretend it's Tuesday, My alarm goes off at 8 AM. I normally don't roll out of bed till 8:45-ish that way I can shower, get dressed and make breakfast for everyone... yup, the pups too! lol I honestly don't know what it is to sleep in after 9 AM. I thought that putting myself in a routine would be rough, but truthfully it's not. I have learned that once it hits 5 PM, I'm clocked out and I'm pretty strict on myself about it.


Q: so... how is it going, was it hard to adjust? 

ummm at times it is... I literally have "time" for everything, the first two weeks I was so overwhelmed. I felt like the second I became full-time with Miami writes inquiries stared flooding through like cray! *super blessed* Especially for someone who has adult ADHD, it can get a little rough to adjust into a new routine. I feel like now I'm getting the hang of it. It truly can be rough to be your own boss, but you gotta be strong! 



Q: Self employee life.. Was it everything you hoped for?

Absolutely, I have time for my fiancé, my pups and my family and friends! I can actually attend events or even go out like a normal person and not have to stress about pending items! I felt like my life was 24/7 work and no play and it's horrible to be like that! We are human, we have needs and if your anything like me. You'd know that my happiness is my family and friends. At one point of my life, I was so stress that all I would do is bicker at Chris. Any little thing he'd do I'd get upset. That's when I really knew I needed to leave my job. My relationship with Chris isn't perfect, but he is my best friend and having to argue with him or even fight with him puts me in a funk and I would find myself crying and praying for me to stop being like this. Now, if he does something I don't like, I brush it off. I love that I have time for new projects, but most importantly I can actually meet with my clients!! 


Q. What are the next plans for MWC?

We just updated our photos for the business, THANK GOD! The next milestones for MWC is updating our website, which that's in the works as we speak! Revamping my Bridal line...I'm even changing my name of it ;) -stay tuned. I have SZN 3 of Horoscope ready to go, just need to make the final touches on it, but I cannot wait for you all to see.  


Q. We all want to know... How's wedding planning?! 

haha, Wedding planning is great! I feel like that needs a new blog post too! but I just finished designing our invites! Next is designing my Bridal shower invites. My Bridesmaids just had their first dress fitting, next is finalizing the groomsmen that Chris has selected to walk our wedding... ( it's been a roller coaster, especially when your getting married to a groomzilla. ) But overall, We're having so much fun planning! I catch myself everyday saying that I cannot wait to get married!  



Overall, I wake up happy! I love to waking up and tell myself I'm ready to take on any new challenges that come in our way for our brand. I'm genuinely happy that I am finally doing what I've dreamed of doing since I starting MWC. I truly do not know what the heck I was so scared of. I wish I would've done this sooner, but God does things in mysterious was and there's always a time for everything! 

talk to you later,